A Chair is Born

Valentines day may have just gone but Broken Chair know that love should be celebrated everyday.
Today we celebrate with David and Monica Escobedo the wonderful news of the imminent arrival of Baby Escobedo, “The Escobaby “!
David and Monica’s love of improv is only surpassed by their love for each other.
Before a first child is born, parents often wonder if they will be a good mum and dad. Thousands of ‘what ifs’ go through their minds….
– What if my child is not cool?
– What if my child does not like improv?
– What if my child does not like my beard?
– What if my child does not like my cats?
Well, here is Broken Chairs Improv’s advice to you – “Don’t ask questions – make bold affirmative statements!” (Oh how your words come back to haunt you, David!).
The Escobaby will be cool, love improv, tolerate the facial hair and probably eat cat poo! The global improv community will love Escobaby with all their hearts!
Oh and, David and Monica, BCI get first dibs on Escobaby for our team!
Happy Chairsday everyone!