Angela & Demons

In this gripping Betty production, Pope John has been killed. Many questions are raised like ‘Who killed Pope John?’ and ‘Then who killed Pope John?’

Sent to answer this question and explore the mysterious death of a unclear physicist is the brilliant Harvard Symbologist and improvisational boffin Angela Langley. She is thwarted at every step by rampaging cardinals, mysterious assassins and lacertian Illuminati.

What follows is a thrilling, white knuckle ride into the depths of human nature, with twisting and turning plot points that will test your mettle and then discard your broken, bruised mind into a waste paper basket before turning their attention to their true target… your very soul!

This is actually a prequel to Langley’s first film, The Da Vinci code (based the book by Dan Brown, son of the BBC’s Mrs Brown). Initially Ange was hesitant to do a second film but when producers, who were enamoured with her wit, presence and smile that could light up the Louvre, asked her to name her price, she asked only that the name of the film be changed to include her own, and that all of Broken Chair can go to Italy with her during the shoot to party hard and help her learn the lines. What a smashing time we all had, we even all got roles!

It’s Angela’s birthday soon, and to celebrate, we’re all off to Florence whilst she completes the trilogy with the filming of ‘Ginferno’.

Happy Chairsday everyone and have a great Birthday on Sunday, Ange!

Angela & Demons