Bel Jamie

‘Let’s be clear: The most important people in Paris are not the men, but their chairs.’

This week we go across The Channel and back in time to Paris in the 1880’s were everyone is getting rich and, er, acquainted with our take on the 2012 adaptation of Bel Ami.

We know what you’re thinking. What does this film have to do with our very own Jamie? Is he actually a Libertine, lost in time, gorging on the many pleasures of the modern age whilst longing for a way back to his old life? Is him being in Broken Chair just a way of reaching out, trying to find someone who can get him back to the past?

Nope. The name of the film just looked a bit like his name.

In case you’re not familiar with the film. This is what IMDB France says:
Jamie est un très mauvais homme. Il gagne de l’argent en se faisant jiggy avec les dames françaises. Oui, il est si mauvais que même sa propre mère ne regarderait pas ce film. En guise de punition, il a été envoyé vivre avec des morts-vivants et Kristin Stuart (qui était vraiment misérable). Donc là!

La fin.

Happy Chairsday everyone!

Bel JAmie