Broken Chair Fiction

‘Garçon, coffee!’

Whilst internationally renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has managed to scrape a career creating cinema, he’s always had one huge regret. That regret is the forgettable mid- 90’s crime romp ‘Pulp Fiction’ .

“I had all these great ideas, man. I just thought I’d get some actors that no one knew and make a film, and it would just work out, but it was just terrible”, the 58 year old lamented, “I’ve made movies since, and they’ve been good… but every one is just an apology for the absolute car crash I presented to the world back in 94. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to fix it. Whenever I get low, I like to search Facebook for pictures of damaged furniture, it helps me relax, you know? I can imagine how I’d mend that sofa or fix a nasty scratch on a varnished table. Anyway, I was doing that one night when I came across Broken Chair Improv. I loved them straight away, they even did a nod to Reservoir Dogs back in September, man. Then I had the greatest idea of my career… What if we remade Pulp Fiction using these cats from this improv team?”

This was the turning point for Tarantino. He knew that this move would be his ticket to the big time again, his invitation to the big boy party once more. He went on:

“People weren’t sure at first. Keith Hyland playing Butch Coolidge, an over the hill boxer with one good fight left in him? They couldn’t see it, but I could, and it worked, it really did, man. He was amazing, and now all of Hollywood want a piece of him. Andri Panayi took on the role of Mia Wallace and was a triumph, she is a true professional. She even married Ving Rhames and insisted on using a real adrenaline injection right into her chest.
It was all just phenomenal, man. I was just so excited that they went for it. They didn’t even read the script, just looked at each and made magic happen”

The new Pulp Fiction was not without controversy, a number of cinema goers complained about its length. The final piece came through at only 7 minutes long, and 4 minutes 30 seconds of this was taken up by Zed and Maynard (played by Jamie Cunliffe and Jan Roger Henden) performing an original song and dance number called “Bring Out The Grinch” (technically, transforming this masterpiece into a Christmas movie too). Tarantino, critics and most of the public agree though that this is a far superior version of the 90’s turkey. Here’s to Hollywood remaking many more films like Pulp Fiction.

Thank you to Quentin Tarantino for giving his time up to speak to us.

‘I love you, Bunny Bunny’

Can you feel that slight sting? Thats Broken Chair Improv, wishing you a Happy Chairsday!