Broken Scare Improv

Happy Chairsday, or should that be Scaresday?

BCI HQ have been busy putting the wee into Halloween, setting up a scary suprise for you on Saturday. But, for now….what is the common ground between horror films and improv?

– Never leave anyone behind
– Always have your partner’s back (for protection, not as a snack!)
– The ‘mistakes’ that you buried may well come back to haunt you (gotta love a call back!)
– It’s normal to feel fear – but do it anyway as it’s great fun!
– Always listen out for clues……
– If it sounds like a ghost, acts like a ghost and walks through walls like a ghost….it doesn’t have to be a ghost!

How many horror references can you see in the picture? Let us know in the comments and we might have a treat for you…or a trick…or a carved up slightly rotting pumpkin….

And finally, this week we have a short scene with Andri and Michael as they try to recreate a certain horror movie in their own home:

Happy Chairsday!