The original Scarface is a classic but what about the other Montana? When his brother has such an exciting and violent life would people really want to know about his slightly older and a lot duller brother Nigel Montana? We thought they definitely would.

Miami was too warm and exciting for Nigel, so he pulled up on the murky, grey shores of England to find himself. At first he was content with a simple life, but, when washing dishes in a comedy club, he heard laughter for the very first time and thought ‘This is what I’m here for’.

The day after that Nigel went to an improv class and got his first real taste of laughter, laughter he caused just by being himself. He hatched a plan, and shared it with the class:

“You gotta make them laugh first, then when you get them laughing, you get the power. Then, when you get the power… Then you get the money”

They laughed even harder at this. He knew he’d found his people. They came up to him afterwards, slapped him on the back and wiped a tear from their eye.

“Power! ” they’d say and crack up again.

“Money!” they’d try to say but their own laughter would never let them get the full word out.

The coach spoke to him afterwards and said he’d been good, but maybe avoid going for laughs all the time. Don’t get high on your own supply and lose track of who you are. Nigel thanked coach but he had his own plans. He was going right to the top.

You have to see this film. We don’t want to spoil the ending but it involves Nigel in a mansion, canned laughter booming out of speakers and his debtors closing in on him armed with invoices. Fortunately, Nigel has a plan… and a little friend who loves to be greeted.

‘Chairface’ starring Michael Leane as Nigel Montana and Betty Ball as Toni Hancock will be released in all good cinemas never.

Happy Chairsday!