Chaise of Glory

Yoo hoo, I’ll make you famous!

This week we turn to the untamed wiggedy wiggedy wild wild west to find the beautiful Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Ball and her rag-tag gang of pox-ridden, scabbed, mean and no good outlaws.

For almost a year, they’ve been living in these badlands, stealing little bits of shows and practice wherever they can on whatever kind of chair they can lay their bottoms on – hard kitchen chairs, broken office chairs, swivel stools that only go up or else they just settle for an old-fashioned stand or a deep squat.

They’ve had enough. They’re fighting back. They want justice, comfort and warmth for their bruised and mistreated rears.

They are coming to town.

The law will not stop them.

They have numb buns and they will succeed. They will sit upon:

The Chaise of glory!

Happy Chairsday y’all.