Got Puns

Today we explore the 1986 action drama ‘Top Gun’. A film about volleyball, Jesters and Winged men.

This testosterone-fueled, sweaty, flight fest is famous for it’s soundtrack and many memorable quotes. Did you know that most people use Top Gun quotes 6-8 times per day? The cultural significance of this film is breathtaking. You probably don’t even know you’re quoting it.

For example, when you’re lonely by a pond you’ll probably say “Talk To Me, Goose”, that’s from Top Gun.

When your boss asks why you’re late and you tell him “Because I Was Inverted.” – Top Gun.

When you have an indescribable, burning desire to go faster, and you know that nothing else will satiate you other than to cover more ground in a short amount of time so you shout “Sorry Goose, but It’s Time To Buzz The Tower”, you guessed, that’s from Top Gun as well.

Isn’t that something?

Well Broken Chair may not be the super cool, leather clad bunch of Mavericks like the Top Gun crew, but when we’re up on stage, we have each other’s back (and occasionally pick bogies off them).

Happy Chairsday! Now take me to bed, or lose me forever.

Got Puns