Hylander - there can be only one

Mr Keith can often be found around the Highlands of Liverpool and surrounding areas, though definitely not carrying a Japanese Katanga from 600BC.

A giver of a huge amount of energy to his BCI team mates, his rehearsals in the Liverpool Arts Bar and live performances are immortalised in minds of those who have watched and played with him.

What has the film Highlander and Mr Keith got in common?

  1. Both are full of energy and excitement.
  2. Both can create a new world, that you care about right before your eyes.
  3. Queen done the soundtrack to them both.

Inbetween rehearsals Mr Keith can be seen hosting The Dockhouse Podcast, starring in Liverpool based films and as the face of Gorilla Glue in the UK. I think it’s first to say when it comes to Keith Hyland , there can be only one.

To quote Sean Connery’s famous character Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez, arguably amongst the world’s top Egyptian/Spanish immortal characters played by a Scottish actor:

‘Have a dead boss Chairsday everyone. Is right’