Improv Busters

I ain’t afraid of no script!
There are many people who deny the existence of improvisers, preferring to ignore the many sightings of and texts about the paranormal skills of Making Stuff Up On The Spot.
Those of us that have witnessed and participated in magnificent improvisations will often tell the stories in dark bars over a glass of ale. Legends and creatures of myth add colour to these stories and Broken Chairs seek to find the truth and evidence of these ‘improvisations’.
The pride of our arsenal is the “Proton Containment Laser” (patent pending), which targets improvisers that are remarkable, talented or just really make us smile. Unfortunately, it’s currently in the shop getting repaired (let’s just say Matt isn’t a good a juggler as he thinks). So we need your help to tag any such improvisers (outside of Broken Chair) and let us know why you think the PCL might target them. Anyone helping us with this will be in with a chance answers of winning a suitable ‘Improv’ prize!
Happy Chairsday!
PS – it’s a very happy Chairsday for us, but more on that tomorrow!