Mesmerising, intelligent, important, deeply confusing, lacking emotion, full of empty gimmicks, huge waste of money and time, wish I was actually dreaming instead… Broken Chair have been described in many ways over the years, your feedback is always appreciated.

The audience plants a thought in our mind. How do they do that? I know what you’re thinking: When we sleep they creep into our dreams to fight the many traps, demons and perils that exist in our subconscious and hide a briefcase containing the idea in a safe which is buried deep in our hippocampus. Well, you’re wrong. We just ask them for a suggestion and they’ll shout at us.

But that’s not to say that improv can’t be a bit like a Christopher Nolan film in other ways-

– Nobody has any idea what is going on until close to the end.
– Every scene should have a unique and interesting foundation which builds throughout.
– A multitude of genres can be explored
– Anachronic order adds interest
– If in doubt… chuck in a plot twist!

Happy Chairsday and remember, whatever you’re doing – you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, er… darling.