Jamie Cunliffe and the Broken Chairs

Happy Chairsday!

This week the spotlight is on our very own Jamie Cunliffe.

Jamie is always found making magic on the stage at every Broken Chair Improv show. Always supportive to and supported by his close-knit group of Gryffindor mates, Jamie constantly seeks to fight evil and bring good, peace and fun to each rehearsal and show. Jamie’s speciality is finding the emotion in the scene and quietly easing every possible drop of joy into each relationship.

Jamie’s favourite spells:
– Yes Andius (to be used to escalate any situation)
– Endowmentify (to be used to bring clarity to any scene)
– Supportay Performa – (gives confidence to your scene partner that you have their backs)
– Avarda Corpseus – (brings about the inability to stay in character when faced with a very funny, highly skilled scene partner)
– Jazzayus Handii – if it’s all going wrong, finish on a big smile and some jazz hands!

Here are some scenes of Jamie in action:
Have an amazing Chairsday everyone. Stay safe and be kind.