Little Improv Andri

Happy Chairsday!

This week our spotlight lands on the fabulous Andri Panayi.

Fortunately, we at Broken Chair don’t have to wait until “Tomorrow” for the sun to come out as Andri is our very own ray of sunshine brightening up our rehearsals.

Andri is an amazing improviser, her strengths are her ability to get to the emotion of the scene plus a glorious sense of the absurd. A cheese pun specialist, a hater of Crocs and an expert in Nun’s Boobs (Italian cakes) Andri constantly amazes us.

Other improv teams may try to adopt her but they will have to get past Mr Keithbucks first – although Andri is very happy to contribute to other teams to share the love and her talent.

We have some scenes featuring Andri for you to enjoy. First of all, we have some contrasting personalities with Ange in ‘Underground’.

Next, we have short scene with Jamie from the prompt ‘Eurovision’ which takes a strange turn, with additional vocal talent from Mike.