Michael & Pooch

‘These are the simple rules. No barking, now growling, you will not lift your leg to anything in this house. This is not your room. No slobbering, no chewing, you will wear a flea collar. This is not your room. No begging for food, no sniffing of crotches, and you will not drink from my toilet. This is not your room.’

These are, of course, the ground rules in any Broken Chair rehearsal, and are adhered to almost 12% of the time. They come from 1990 Tom Hanks family favourite ‘Turner & Hooch’ so we thought we’d celebrate with our own version, and, as it’s the last Thursday of the month, we have 2 very special guests:

Michael Ananins and Rolo in :
Michael and Pooch’.

Michael is a performer with great comic timing and the ability to create amazing characters that are a delight to see. He is a big supporter of improv locally, nationally and globally and always brings a smile with his kind words.

Michael is also known for his fondness of terrible jokes, his big heart and his total devotion to animals. All of which make him pretty darn ok in our eyes (excuse the language).

You can often find him in the various parks of Liverpool surrounded by dogs and having a jolly good time. His trusty side kick Rolo is always by his side.

We love you Michael.

Happy Chairsday!

Michael & Pooch