Mike & Mart's Excellent Adventure

Broken Chair had been doing nothing for months, but now it was time for the big performance. If they didn’t ace it then they’d have to disband and join military school. To add a tiny bit of extra pressure, a funny little man from the future had appeared in a telephone box and said that Broken Chair will eventually heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. If they split up, this won’t happen, and the Earth will be doomed!
Mart had an idea: what if he and Mike went back in time and collected the best actors, comedians and writers from the past, bring them to Liverpool and put on the best show the city/country/planet has ever seen, the Chair would stay together and the future saved! Mike thought for a moment and said ‘or we could just make it up’.
They went with Mike’s idea.
Suffice to say, it all worked out well and the future will be a beautiful place as everyone follows the inspired teachings of a patchy, beautiful baseball called Betty.
We’ve done a lot of posts based on films in the past but none have had better life advice than Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Keep this in your heart and you can’t go far wrong:
Be excellent to each other
Party On, dudes!
Happy Chairsday!
PS: San Dimas college football rules!