Mumbai to Liverpool Improv Jam

There is an amazing sense of community within Improv that shows no respect for borders. If you are willing to improvise and play then other improvisers all around the world are likely to greet you with open arms like family. Broken Chair found this today with an Improv Jam between Mumbai and Liverpool involving Emma Bird from Liverpool Comedy Improv, 5 members of Mischief in Action and 7 legs of the chair.

Liverpool-Mumbai Comedy Improv Jam

Playing and laughing with new friends is always exciting and this was one of the most exciting times we have had as a team. There were so many positive moments including the open spirit we all exemplified. These included a great show of respect, and a collaborative spirit to support one another. For me, this is the essence of playing in the improv world and why we want to continue to share it with everyone.

We had the most memorable Improv evening of the week.

Mischief in Action

We all can not wait to play again. We are starting to think of ways we can perform online together too so stay tuned.

I have just had one of the Best improv Jams Ever!!!

Mr Keith, Broken Chair

A huge thank you to all at Mischief in Action from Broken Chair and our thanks go to Emma Bird too for being such a fun person to play with and being our Chairy Godmother. A big up to Chair leg Jamie for doing the legwork to make this happen.

A big thanks also has to go to the Improv Boost too for championing teams meeting and playing together across the world. It proves that we are all one.

One of THE most enjoyable jams EVERRRR!!!

Emma Bird, Liverpool Comedy Improv

Until next time, keep safe and play every day!