Our Local Heroes

Broken Chair exists because we want to tell stories together and we like to make them up as we go along and find the truths, funnies and games as we go. These are usually stories just for entertainment but on a rare occasion we might find a deeper truth and uncover an insight that surprises us all. But we also recognise that stories occur everywhere and none more so than in our own Improv community here in Liverpool.

As the lockdown started in the UK, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our friend Emma Bird (who runs the outstanding Liverpool Comedy Improv which is where Broken Chair started) highlighted that our friend Eddie, a regular LCI drop-in attendee, lives alone and has no Internet or TV access. This caused Emma to swing into action and set up a small pot for us all to throw a few quid into in order to buy Eddie a TV license to go with the second-hand TV that had been offered.

This fund grew and grew because the LCI network is full of some of the most empathic and kind-hearted people.

It grew so much that Emma realised that there might be enough money to equip Eddie with a second-hand laptop and a broadband feed to join in on some online improv sessions. The only hurdle now was to get the laptop into working order to allow Eddie to join in. Enter our own BCI hero Jan Roger Henden who spent his own time after work fixing up a laptop which was then delivered to Eddie, but then Jan went the extra mile to help Eddie via phone to get accustomed to using the laptop for getting online and joining in Improv.

Big Up LCI.

Extra props to Emma Bird and Jan Roger Henden!