Quantum Seat


Is your dad acting different? Your sister seeming strange? Mum looking in the mirror more?

Well your loved one may have been ‘Quantum Leaped’. Their body is currently possessed by a young Scott Bakula from the future who has possessed them to right a wrong they’ve yet to do.

“We were all so excited when Damien spoke his first words. He was in the car and just said ‘oh boy’. At first we thought our 2 month old was a genius. Then we grew concerned. He’d talk a lot to his imaginary friend, an invisible middle aged man called Al. A few days later he didn’t give a block of dark chocolate to our dog, then he went back to normal.”
Emily, 33,Chiswick

Events like this are becoming more and more frequent leaving lives disrupted, jobs forgotten, relationships strained and a lot of mirrors stared at in disbelief.

Thankfully, you can now do something about it. With our new Quantum Leap Insurance* (QLI) , you can buy the peace of mind you deserve from only £3.60 per day.

“I used to worry that my Johnny would just become someone else for a few days and stop something horrible from happening. Now with have QLI, I can sleep soundly, knowing that if the man next to me in bed becomes TV’s Scott Bakula, I’ll be handsomely rewarded.”
Mrs Archer, 63, Northampton

So what are you waiting for? Call 0800-BROKENCHAIR today, and you could be getting a cheque that will make you say ‘Oh Boy!’.

(*t&c’s apply visit https://brokenchairimprov.com/ for more information )
Happy Chairsday Everyone!

Quantum Seat