Return of the Betty

From the Goonies last week to another classic of children’s cinema: The Star Wars!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, ‘The Star Wars’ is a film trilogy set in the future about space explorer Hans Solo and his pet Chewbacca (called Chewy) who team up with a rag tag set of weirdos to help the federation defeat a evil space gangster called Jabba the Hut. If you haven’t seen them I’d recommend you pop down to Blockbuster and hire them out.

Did You Know: The Star Wars was so popular that they remade all 3 films twice! This was so each generation could enjoy them with their favourite actors.

Broken Chair may be just a rag tag set of weirdos but when we get together we can achieve so much… and so can you.

Your weekend mission is to collobarate. Just grab a friend or two and see what you can achieve together: write a book, start a club, make a film, defeat a space gangster, start your own improv team or do anything that inspires you. For together, as Dr Spock says, we can live long and prosper!

For today’s scenes we challenge you to keep a straight face as Michael and Jamie fail to do the same in ‘deadpan’

Next, the whole team and our wonderful guest Mark Turpin tell you a story about infidelity, murder and 80’s pop icons:

Happy Chairsday everyone, May the force be with you, and also with you.

Broken Chair: and you thought we smelled bad on the outside.