Rogue Chair

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The future is under threat. The Empire have a new super weapon, the terrifying Death Star. Is all lost? Is there no chance of a New Hope? Surely there must someone in the galaxy that can help us?

Maybe there is, the rebels have learnt there is a weakness in the design of this planet-killing menace, but they need the plans to locate it. Enter a team of crack improvisors known only by the call sign ‘Rogue Chair’ who have vowed to track the plans down. Unfortunately, the element of surprise is lost. What follows is the transcript from footage intercepted and decoded from inside the Death Star:

“OK guys settle down, we have a lot to get through today. So, as we know the Death Star is completed and is looking absolutely divine. Graham, top work on the baseball colour scheme in honour of Darth Betty. It really pops, she’ll love it. Lord Vader is going to go spare when he sees the snazzy bowling alley we’ve put in the games room. Ever since that night out in Megabowl he’s not stopped going on about getting one. He’ll stay in there for weeks hopefully so we should a big drop in choking relating incidents. Thomas, you’ll be glad to hear that, I’m sure. Right, on to the rubbish news… a group of those meddlesome rebels have been rumoured to be out looking for the plans. Teresa & Geoff, can you maybe zhuzh up the security for the data storage facility a little please, just to be on the safe side. OK, have a great day and don’t forgot it’s bring a cake to work day tomorrow. I want to see some hustle in those trifles, people!”-transmission ends

Yes, it must be Chairsday and another end of the month special guest.

This month it’s the turn of the multi-talented and all-round top bloke Aree Witoelar who has decided to join the good fight and support us in our ongoing battles against evil. The force is strong with this one.

Thanks, Aree!

Have a great Chairsday everyone!