In the early sixties a young, handsome exotic dancer was befriended by a group of improvisers who became his mentors. Eventually, he was introduced to members of other improv teams across the globe and they collectively gasped in awe at his improvising abilities. He was revered. His performances were legendary. He then commenced an unseemly relationship with Broken Chair Improv.

This man is Martin Gordon.

Mart is a crucial and valued member of Broken Chair Improv – not only is he a top improviser and coach he is the creative mastermind behind our Chairsday posts. Mart – we salute your talent. If you love our Chairsday posts please leave a comment and like and share our page.

We hope to be back performing with Mart real soon and we hope to see you there too.

It would be a Scandal to miss him!

Happy Chairsday everyone!