Rich Baker* has started a Hedge Fund – oh yes and he’s going to stop at nothing to make it happen…he’s going to make stuff up, disguise himself as some very unsavoury characters and make us look really good. I mean – come on Rich – how expensive are privet bushes? Is it really worth all this effort to make your property boundary look great?

If you want to support Rich to make him…er…well…rich – then definitely buy his book “Improv Made Easier” it is literally written to make improv easier! It also has a broken chair on the cover, which is why we all bought a copy and then Rich came and coached us – and that is why we are awesome. Thank you, Rich Baker.

*Rich Baker the improviser – not to be confused with Paul Hollywood or Mr Kipling who are rich bakers but not THE Rich Baker.

Now, go out (or stay in) and have a ruddy good Chairsday!