She's all that

This month’s guest spot is taken by two supremely talented improvisers; Stephanie Rae and Tezz Yancey. Both Stephanie and Tezz are cornerstones of Black Improv Alliance. Trust us when we say it won’t take a bet to reveal the great relationship between Stephanie and Tezz. Watching them improvise is an absolute joy, always giving so much support to their fellow performers.
Stephanie is a great improv innovator, developing ‘Mid Form’ improvisation. Mid Form is a hybrid between short and long form improv and is ideal for Zoom. If you have the chance to catch a workshop on this gerronit – you will love it!
The Black Improv Alliance (BIA) provides a space for improvisers of African descent to build worlds and tell their authentic stories unapologetically! Check out their Facebook page and their website to learn how they support the development of improv talent. You can also support BIA (and get yourself some really cool tee-shirts) through Redbubble (
Have a great Chairsday everyone!