Spider-Jan, Spider -Jan,
Does whatever a spider carn.
Spins a Web, checks it twice,
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.
Look out, here comes a Spider-Jan!

Yes, with today being the birthday of our very own Jan, we’d thought we’d celebrate by shattering his privacy and exposing the alter ego he’s kept secret for years… Spider-Jan!

You see, when he was just a little Janlet, Jan was bitten by a hyperactive spider and gained amazing arachnid powers like climbing walls, making bum string and hiding in bathtubs to suprise the naked.

Spider-Jan’s hobbies include going up water spouts and pointing at other Spider-Jans.

When not Spider-Jan, he makes money by selling pictures of himself in a costume to his boss, which is completely normal behaviour.

His death row meal would be Jeff Goldblum.

Happy Chairsday everyone and Happy Birthday Jan!