The League of Extraordinarily Broken Chairs

Happy Chairsday!

This week we mark the passing of actor Sean Connery who departed this earth on Saturday 31st October 2020. Spooky fact: 3+1+1+0+2+0 = 007!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a romp through the foundations of Venice featuring a character list drawn from 18th and 19th century literature.

We at BCI love to dress up and this week Mr Keith was particularly keen to try on a leather apron and swig on some magic potion! What a Sport!

So what has this got to do with improv?

– A romp through the foundations (of improv) helps you to keep your skills up to date.
– Your team should be made up of a diverse range of people!
– Individual strengths should be used to enhance the team performance.
– An Invisible Man can always be the hero!
– Always keep your sword sharp!

For our scenes today first we have ‘sprout’ with Matt and Mr Keith:
And now we have 2 mini scenes with Andri and Mike and then Mike and Jamie (with frogs and a clown):

Have a great Chairsday everyone!