The Martin

No need to ‘Bring Him Home’ as us Broken Chairs would never leave him behind even if we thought he was dead – which he won’t be, because we would never let him die.

Mart is the creative mind who creates all these stellar images, the absolute beating heart of our Chairsday posts that have entertained literally tens of people since the start approx. 37 years ago.

He is at his happiest in his ‘hab’ thinking of ways of communicating with an audience which is thousands of light years away on Zoom. Well Mart, put those potatoes down and get prepared for the return of live audiences.
We think this interplanetary, most extraordinary selfie has the power to brighten up your day so before you start your Thursday, whatever it may entail, give The Martin a little smile, he’s already smiling at you. It might just give you a little boost.

Happy Chairsday everyone.