Up in the chair

I know, you’re sick of hearing from us… every week the same blah blah blah. Fine. We won’t say anything.

We’ll let famous spunky Hollywood A-lister George Clooney say it for us:
“I’m George Clooney, after a warm, leisurely swim in my big brown eyes, why not enjoy a lovely cup of coffee. It’s great. It makes you twitchy and smell like my old art teacher.

I’m not all about coffee though, sometimes I sit and just long for coffee. Drinking coffee and longing for coffee are my 2 favourite things.
Oh, and sleeping. My life is 99% those 3 things (whilst being dreamy the whole time of course).

I’m aware that improv exists. I’ve been told to tell you Broken Chair Improv do this or something. Keep up the work guys.

So remember: buy fair trade, not from the fur trade.

See you in your dreams.

Big George.”

Wow, thanks Clunesy. Can’t believe the greatest Batman ever travelled to Liverpool just to give us a quote. Here’s a poster of one of his films. Nope, it’s not one we’ve seen either, but chair sits into it well so…

Happy Chairsday everyone!

Up in the Air