Vote for Mark

It’s Chairsday, and the last one of the month which means… It’s special guest time!
Boy, oh boy, do we have a special one this week. Fresh from hunting wolverines in Alaska it’s the Mayor of improv himself:
Mark Turpin!
Today we find Mark in the world of the Napoleon Dynamite.
Mark is a liger of a man, like he was bred for his skills in magic. His other skills include nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills , computer hacking skills and not forgetting improv skills. He has the strength of a grizzly, reflexes of a puma and the wisdom of a man. He can easily kick a football over a mountain and when he dances, the world stands still.
Vote for Mark.
Mark is internationally recognised as one of the most supportive, sharing and genuine members of the improv community and that has earned him the title of the Mayor Of Improv. Mark, when the mayoral elections come up again, heck yes we’ll vote for you! We’ve got your back and everything. We’re so happy to have you as a friend of the team.
Happy Chairsday.
Reach for the stars.
Peace out